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 Last updated: 2021-04-10

I need a place to link to all my Starsector stuff too, so here's that.

Mods I Have Made

Actual Things:
  • Intro to Modding wiki page - Ever wanted to make your own starsector mod? This is a walkthrough on at least some of that process.
  • Vayra's Sector - A mod containing several major campaign changes and frameworks, most notably an improved bounty manager, High Value Bounties (unique bounties offering unique flagships, from other mods), and competing colonial factions. NOT YET UPDATED FOR 0.95a
  • Vayra's Ship Pack - A simple collection of ships and weapons that I've made, aiming for vanilla aesthetics and balance.
  • Kadur Remnant - A faction mod containing the Kadur, a sort of religious-anarchistic band of space refugees with big railguns, magic crystals, and unique mass-altering technology.
  • Antediluvians - coming soon
  • Commonwealth - coming soon

Useless Garbage:

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