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Last updated: 2021-08-11

Hello! This is meant to be a slightly easier-to-use index than my blog archive.

Games I Have Made

Things you can (usually) download and (probably) play.
  • Red Air, a rules-light soviet dys/utopian raygun gothic dieselpunk d20hack RPG about flying WWII-era fighter aircraft around the solar system.
  • MEd20, a Mass Effect d20hack with too many rules that I wrote in 2012. It is, however, better than the semi-official Mass Effect d20hack.
  • The GROG, my GLOGhack. Has a 4-stat system (STR, DEX, INT, CHA) and a little more tactical combat than other GLOGs, but otherwise fairly orthodox. This booklet is designed for quick reference during play, so it contains only the rules - content is scattered about the blog
    • GROG Character Sheet. I personally can't stand character sheets, for basically these reasons, but I have produced one regardless.
    • The Rat Warrens - An introductory dungeon level, in self-contained booklet form. Level 1. Made for an older version so the monster stats might be a bit weird.
  • CANYON: a one-page solo RPG - Originally written by Archon's Court, edited and formatted into a one-pager by me.

The Mountain

The Mountain at the End of the World is my pet campaign setting and megadungeon project. This section collects it all in one place.

Player-facing information:
Dungeon, GMing, Miscellany:
  • A is for Angel - Children of the Sun.
  • B is for Beastmen - Lots of content in this one. Species, classes, spells, and monsters. I'm proud of it.
  • C is for Cave Beasts & Companions - Normal stats for normal animals. Learn why dogs are always so warm, why horses are always so flammable, why you shouldn't wander around the woods at night, and why owlbears, manticores, and pegasi are all the same thing!
  • D is for Dragons - Be the aeons-old paranoiac eugenicist spymaster you really, really don't want to see in the world, or an escaped servant of theirs.

Commentary and content related to GLOG, TTRPGs, or the blog itself.
Odds, ends, bits, and bobs.

  • Time Knight - Rescued from the pages of some 5e supplement and given new life via the GLOG.
  • Adept - A shitty, but safe, type of wizard.
  • Blackhand Warrior - The guy from Princess Mononoke with the demon in his arm.
  • Oiled Paladin - An extremely determined sort of person who is too stupid to get cold. Whether or not they actually possess any divine power is debatable. For deus ex parabola's Facecrawl campaign.
  • Illuminated Paladin - An extremely well-educated sort of person who is too smart to be wrong. They definitely possess some divine power, I guess, at least by template D. For deus ex parabola's Facecrawl campaign.
  • GIANT SPIDER AAAAA II - A giant spider for deus ex parabola's Facecrawl campaign. IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT THOSE LONG HAIRY LEGS ARE A LITTLE SEXY ACTUALLY 😳
  • Knight-as-Superweapon - A love letter to my favorite 3.5e feat chain, and some rambling on hyperspecialization, and a funny copytext.

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