Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Red Air

This Is Just To Say 
I have written
the bad communist tabletop role-playing game 
that was echoing within 
the empty chambers of my skull

and which 
you were probably hoping  
would remain safely contained  

Forgive me
you can fly a space plane
and it would not let me rest
until I had released it upon the world
- William Carlos Williams, probably

Specifically I wrote this in like 2018 and just did the last 10% right now and have been persuaded—against my better judgement and thanks to the nefarious denizens of the OSR discord—to start a blog and it seemed like a good first post.

You can get it here on Google Drive.

I have run exactly one abortive play-testing campaign using this game and it was fun as hell.

EDIT: If you've come here looking for fun things to steal, it has:
  • Communism!
  • A two-axis alignment system with mechanical effects!
  • Classes that auto-succeed at things as their only ability!
  • Vehicle rules!
  • A simple system for managing aerial dogfighting!
  • A system to create stats for pre-jet aircraft with just the input available from wikipedia!


  1. USSSR

    +2 while bullshitting

    "Vacuum was capitalist propaganda."

    This thing is full of absolute gems! I don't think the link to the ideology generator is working, where doth it lead?

    1. Ah, oops - an artefact of me 'printing' the file rather than 'saving' it as a PDF. It goes here, and I'll fix it for the future: http://orteil.dashnet.org/randomgen/?gen=27FvUNdK