Friday, May 22, 2020


OSR discord user Corgifan2 later clarified that this was due to the GM's misunderstanding of a rule and they should only have made 21 attacks

so, someone posted this in the OSR discord and i was incensed to find the mass effect d20hack i remember having written, because there's no way it could be as bad as apparently, the one that was officially released

well, i did find it

it is from 2012

it is real bad but it actually might be better than the system described above

so i am thus compelled to post it, in an effort to erase any respect and/or community goodwill i might have accrued thus far

it lives in several google docs (because that is how i did things at the time how i still do things, tbh) and it is written in the extremely tedious format of a child (i guess a 20 year old?) trying to emulate the extremely specific rules text of D&D 3.5e and also Magic the Gathering (because that is how i did things at the time. i think i have actually stopped doing this, mostly,. hopefully, thankfully)

i think the word "may" appears 33,000 times in total across t hese documents

okay enough self-deprecation ,sorry HERE'S THE GAME

it is probably runnable, it looks fairly complete for what it is
i do not recommend anyone do this, but who knows
if you have played the "official" mass effect d20 game please let me know if it's better or worse, lmao

"Core Rules"
Species (EDIT: forgot these)
Powers (i think these go with the classes)

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