Tuesday, July 7, 2020

GLOG: Random Class Generator

For this story to make sense, I'll have to begin at the beginning.

Actually, scratch that, it'll make less sense if I do. I'm going to do it anyway, of course. Bear with me here:

In the beginning, a bunch of people in Victorian Britain wrote terrible novels...

No, that's too early. Let me start over.

In the beginning, which was about five years ago, Joseph Manola posted a list of Victorian "penny dreadful" novel titles.

Yesterday, I think, OSR discord user deus ex parabola took that list and transformed it into potential class names.

Over the course of that day, OSR discord user deus ex parabola, Phlox, Lynn, Gorinch, Xenophon of Athens, Purplecthulu, Oblidisideryptch, and I turned them into (rough) class templates.

Then deus ex parabola posted them on his blog.

It's surprisingly coherent sometimes. Maybe about a third of the time.

I am not sorry for what I have done and I hope it brings anyone who reads this joy and pain in equal measure. Post your favorite things it's come up with!

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  1. The nature of humanity is just that every so often someone accidentally invents "Finders Keepers" again :D

    But oh my word does this thing come up with some kooky spooks!