Saturday, September 12, 2020

Exemplary GLOG Classes

Being a collection of my favorite GLOG classes written by others, in some sort of not-quite-exact order:

  1. Religious classes - This isn't any single class in particular, but it's my favorite archetype. Read the post, your Clerics and Paladins and Especially Devout Characters Of Any Other Sort will all be leagues better for it.
  2. Everything on Squig's blog, particularly:
    1. Gun Priest - We all know about my love for playing dedicated, arrogant, heretic religious nutjobs. What's better than one of those? One of those with a gun.
    2. Sword-Swallower - Just dripping with flavor. If I had read this before writing my Sword Witch, my Sword Witch would be better for it. As it is, I'd probably let someone play one of these as an alt-Sword Witch.
    3. Sage - Absolutely stellar class for any developed and interesting setting. Great integration of narrative and exposition-focused mechanics into a playable class.
  3. Everything on OSR Discord user deus ex parabola's blog, particularly:
    1. Anything that interacts with his color-coded heresies - "But Vayra!," you exclaim, "That's a setting element, not a class!" And you're right, but that's how good it is. It's the single best piece of worldbuilding I've ever seen committed to text. And anyway, there are some Clerics for it.
    2. Guild Thug - The other guilds therein are also good, but the Guild Thug is a standout. There's something incredible to me about the idea of unionized 80's-era action movie baddies, sauntering up to dragons and liches to bop them in the knees and threaten them with destruction of property.
    3. Metatron - Another excellent example of worldbuilding. Wizards, but they're some sort of absolutely nightmarish cold-war era fictive spy, and also (depending on interpretation) might have been replaced by a spiritual parasite. Put a Metatron in your campaign today. The implications are endless.
  4. Phlox's Acolyte - A refinement of Lexi's magic word-based Psion. Fixes several issues with the core one while retaining all of the things that made it interesting to me, ties it to a religious system (always a plus), and is just a complete blast to play. Not perfect, yet, maybe, but already great.
    1. Also the Barbarian-as-Foreigner. The list of advantages and disadvantages is incredible, awesome, great, very good, excellent, and other superlatives besides. I could see tacking that ability in particular on to other classes, perhaps in place of a 'race' adjustment in an all-human setting, or the like.
  5. Skerples' Necromancer - Sometimes, a necromancer is just a necromancer. This one has some interesting flavor about talking to dead folks, but the most important part of it is: it allows you to keep permanent undead servants at the cost of keeping your MD expended, or slowly (at risk of Doom) amass a permanent undead army of unlimited size. I consider this ability essential to anything that would call itself a necromancer.
  6. Thorinp's Shiva of Guns - We know I like Gun Witches, and this is my favorite one that isn't my own. It is particularly weird, in a very good way. "You sprout a bouquet of gun wielding arms[...]" indeed.
  7. Jojiro's Iron Salamander - This is a good class design post, much like Phlox's earlier one, but my favorite thing about it is this particular Fighter example: The Iron Salamander. Great stuff. Eminently flavorful. Powerful. Interesting.

So, what are your favorite GLOG classes written by others? I know GLOG is somewhat imperfect for this question, as it encourages stealing bits and naturally your favorite version of a class will be the one that you cobbled together with parts of others, so perhaps it's best to think of it instead as: What GLOG classes most inspire you?

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