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Bestiary: A is for Angel

An effort to force myself to finish the Bestiary for the Mountain at the End of the World. Stats are for the GROG, so base AC is 0 ascending and base attack is 10 + level ascending.


Angels are spirits of sun and fire. Most angels are comprised of two parts; the divine soul—a fire elemental—and the celestial body, often an armature or suit of blessed armor but sometimes a device of more sophisticated and less explicable holiness.

No form of angel is ever damaged by fire, either consecrated or natural.

pretend it's a toy cathedral or something


HD 1 HP 4 Size Small AC 4 
Init +4 Speed 30' Climb 30'
Strength 10 +0 Dexterity 14 +2 
Intelligence 6 -2 Wisdom 14 +2
STR Attack 11 melee ivory teeth 1d6
Speaks Angelfire, Arqot

Dogs are sometimes held to be angels, but not all dogs and especially not all dogmen are close to and of the sun. Dogs-spider are not true angels either, born in crypts as others of their specii, but grown fat on the flesh of the holy dead. They consume all of their benevolence and wisdom and take some measure of it into themselves, leaving the corpse-saints ragged and malicious in their tombs.

Dogs-spider have furnaces for hearts and smoke for blood and they need coal or bone or ash or oil or soot or corpseflesh to stoke their flames. They have the voice of a screaming choir emitted in short, sharp barks, and four long, multiply-jointed legs that terminate in iron spikes. Their canine faces (not masks, no) are carved from ivory and sanctified bone, and if pulled off reveal their brains like a thousand knotted worms all alight with holy fire.

Dog-spider bites are not venomous, but their drool can heal physical traumas if smeared across the wound or bruise (heals 1d6 damage, loses potency when the dog-spider dies). They can extrude silk, stronger than any rope and imbued with divine power, but the method by which they do so is extremely gross.

Dogs-spider want to heal the sick, protect the downtrodden, and teach the inquisitive, but also want to chase sticks and burn things and eat and shit and roll around in the ashes.

which orbs of light are good and which ones are bad? who knows

Lantern Archon

HD 1 HP 4 Size Tiny AC 3 
Init +3 Fly 60'
Strength -- Dexterity 10 +0 
Intelligence 8 -1 Wisdom 17 +3
DEX Attack 10 60' range light ray 1d6 holy fire
Speaks Angelfire

Lanterns archon are commonly confused with torches sprite and share many traits, but where a torch sprite is created from a once-living soul, a lantern archon is a true angelic being (albeit the least among them). They are generally helpful, if you can communicate with them. If you somehow acquire a guardian angel, it's probably one of these.

Body of Light: Lanterns archon take no physical damage from weapons. They can be extinguished by anything that would extinguish a brazier-sized fire; a bucket of water or sand, a fireproof blanket, et cetera.

they don't have to be this impressive

Fire Elemental

I'm not writing stats for these just use something else but it's made out of fire now
Wisdom 16 +3 minimum
Speaks Angelfire, plus Common, Ember, and Old Tongue if it's older

Fires elemental are the core truth of an angel, the same way that a person would have a soul. They manifest physically as a mass of fire or force, which can be of any form as they will. 

Smaller and younger fires elemental often manifest in humanoid or doglike shapes, and move with the speed of flame racing up a strip of paper. Bigger and older ones shift through strange and indescribable forms that scratch at half-buried ancestral memories, shades of great adversaries past. They move ponderously, but strike with the force of an explosion.

Fire Magic: Fires elemental can cast one or more of burning hands, fireball, firebolt and/or wall of fire as a white mage of the same level. Bigger and older fire elementals can cast more spells.

Body of Fire: Any creature touching a fire elemental or attacking it with a melee weapon takes 1d6 holy fire damage. Bigger and older fire elementals also cause 1d6 holy fire damage per round to things that end their turn next to them.

surprisingly hard to find a good hound archon image anyway imagine this but dead and burning

Hound Archon (Dog-Golem, Sword Archon)

HD 4 HP 26 Size Medium AC 6 
Init +4 Speed 30'
Strength 15 +2 Dexterity 14 +2 
Intelligence 10 +0 Wisdom 15 +2
STR Attack 16 melee angelic greatsword 2d8+3 (+1 and ignores 1 AC vs humanoids)
Speaks Angelfire, Common, Ember, Old Tongue, Arqot

Hounds archon are one of the lesser creations of the angels, born when they need soldiers. They are formed from the skin of a dogman stretched over an armature of brass and iron, packed with coals, and animated by a lesser fire elemental or lantern archon. 

Hounds archon are armed with iron greatswords and frequently wear armor to supplement their natural resistance to blows. A hound archon in half-plate has AC 12 and Speed 20'.

Metal Bones: Hounds archon have +2 AC on account of their metal skeleton.

this picture is for both kinds of real angels

Ophan (Wheel, Chariot, Throne)

Arnold already did this really well so just use his
Speaks Angelfire, Common, Ember, Old Tongue

Ophanim, also known as Wheels, Chariots, or Thrones, are a lower form of “true” angel. Manifested as a whirling collection of between one and six eye-studded golden wheels wreathed in holy fire; ghostly wings of light might be visible in and around the angel’s body. Ophanim are tasked with judging mortal souls, and they tend to be single-minded in this goal.

Seraph (Archangel, Power)

HD 7 HP 87 Size Large AC 10
Init +10 Speed 30' Fly 60'
Strength 27 +8 Dexterity 19 +4 
Intelligence 19 +4 Wisdom 23 +6
STR Attack 25 melee angelic greatsword 2d8+8 + 3d6 holy fire (held in one hand)
Speaks All languages (gift of tongues)

Seraphim are at the highest level in the angelic hierarchy, the trusted hands of the sun. Each is unique, granted its own set of powers and trusted with a certain domain of the sun’s concerns to look after. Most Seraphim, at least those which mortal eyes can bear to look upon, have the appearance of a confluence of wings, arms, hands, and eyes. They also sometimes appear as towering six-winged humanoid figures with golden skin. 

Divine Innocence: Any creature that can see the Seraph and attempts to attack it must roll Wisdom to do so. This ability only functions while the Seraph is at full HP.

Divine Power: Seraphim can cast spells as a white mage of the same level. Their MD are never expended.

1d20 Domains Archangelic

  1. War. Carries a gleaming shield granting a +7 AC and allowing it to reflect targeted spells that are resisted by it against a target of its choice, suffering none of the effects.
  2. Fate. While in the angel’s presence, rolls of 7 count as natural 20s, and rolls of 4 or 13 count as natural 1s. Only the positive side of this ability affects angels. 
  3. Dawn. The angel shines like the sun, casting bright light in an unlimited radius. Looking at it blinds sighted creatures for 1d6 minutes.
  4. Fire. The angel is surrounded by a nimbus of intense flame, dealing 6d6 holy fire damage to all creatures that enter or begin their turn in a 10-foot radius around it. Things that touch it directly and aren’t immune to holy fire are immediately destroyed. The angel leaves footprints of molten earth where it walks.
  5. Wisdom. The angel automatically succeeds at Wisdom rolls, and can make any rolls associated with actions before deciding whether or not to take them.
  6. Sanctuary. Combat, attack rolls, and damage (except BATTLEFIRE) are impossible in the angel’s presence.
  7. Death. Living creatures that touch the angel roll Strength or die. Creatures that succeed are immune to death until dawn the next day. Plants and wood are destroyed.
  8. Light. Creatures and objects that touch the angel are permanently enchanted to glow like a torch.
  9. Mercy. No creature in the angel’s presence can feel pain.
  10. Wrath. Creatures that begin their turn in the angel’s presence roll Wisdom or attack something. If there are no targets within range of any of their attacks, they target themselves.
  11. Grace. Attacks against the angel automatically miss, and it takes no damage from effects that allow a Dexterity roll for partial effect.
  12. Purity. Creatures in the angel’s presence are cured of any poisons, diseases, drug effects, curses, or other maladies, and can't be affected by any of those so long as they remain in its presence. They can still be wounded, catch fire, fall unconscious, and die.
  13. Salvation. Creatures that die in the angel’s presence disappear in a cloud of golden sparks, and reawaken the next day at dawn in the last place they rested, with full HP. Their equipment stays where they fell, and they have vivid white scars showing the manner of their demise.
  14. Retribution. Any creature damaging the angel immediately takes the same damage. If the damage was caused by a weapon, that weapon also gains a notch. Indirect damage (causing a large object to fall on the angel, et cetera) doesn't cause damage to the instigator, but ranged attacks and attack spells do.
  15. Jubilation. All creatures within a 70 foot radius of the angel are filled with divine confidence, immune to fear effects, and count all their stats as 7 higher for d20 rolls.
  16. Condemnation. At the beginning of each of the angel’s turns, it selects one target that it can see to be the target of its condemnation. Until the beginning of its next turn, all attacks against that target that hit are critical hits. The angel will always select the target it believes to be most wicked and evil.
  17. Silence. Nothing in the angel’s presence makes any sound at all. Spellcasting and speech are impossible.
  18. Industry. In the angel’s presence, workers’ contributions to a work or process are multiplied tenfold.
  19. Devastation. A 70 foot radius around the angel is continually aflame, dealing 1d6 holy fire damage to all who enter or begin their turn within the area. Within the radius, buildings crumble and vegetation is burned to the ground. Nothing can grow or be built there for at least a decade.
  20. Containment. The angel is accompanied by a solid orb of sunlight 10 feet in diameter, which floats perpetually above its head. Any creature the angel touches rolls Wisdom or collapses as its soul is instantaneously and permanently confined to the orb. The orb has 77 HP, and destroying it will return the souls to their bodies if the bodies still exist. It contains many souls already.

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