Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Tao of GLOG

I'm gonna print this out and frame it.
The GLOG that can be written is not the true GLOG.

The GLOG is empty; when utilized, it is not filled up. So deep! It seems to be the source of all things. It blunts the sharpness, unravels the knots, dims the glare, mixes the dusts. 

The highest goodness resembles water. Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention, it stays in places that people dislike. Therefore it is similar to the GLOG.

The GLOG is like a flood; it can flow to the left or to the right; the myriad things depend on it for life, but it never stops; it achieves its work, but does not take credit; it clothes and feeds myriad things, but does not rule over them.

The GLOG that is spoken out of the mouth is bland and without flavor. Look at it, it cannot be seen; listen to it, it cannot be heard; use it, it cannot be exhausted.

The GLOG is constant in non-action, yet there is nothing it does not do.

When mechanics are lackluster, the players are simple and honest. When mechanics are scrutinizing, the players are shrewd and crafty.

~Lao Tzu, probably

OSR discord user deus ex parabola and I have been passing the same damn edited Tao quote back and forth so I figured it was time to mine the text for a few more.


  1. The GLOG is a sexy muse that even when partially ignored creates a font of endless creativity within.

  2. That last aphorism is a diamond to keep in your pocket.