Sunday, April 5, 2020

GLOG: The Adept

Wizards are powerful, but limited and dangerous. Once they run out of magic juice, it's all over for them. Your Fireball spell fizzles and you're just someone in a robe, decrepit and terminally out-of-place. Your Sleep goes awry and everything in a 5' radius around you is liquefied into a foul-smelling orange pus. Nobody wants that.

Adepts are the opposite. Weak, but they never run out of power and never suffer mishaps. Dabblers in many arcane schools, but never reaching the level of mastery of even the most amateur wizard.

more like this than a wizard


If your system has variable HD and proficiencies, you get the mid-tier ones; like a cleric.
Skill: 1. Arcana 2. Stage Magic 3. Con Artistry

A: Cantrip Dabbling, 2 Schools
B: Dabble, 1 MD, +2 Schools
C: Versatile Dabbling, +2 Schools
D: Safe Dabbling, +1 Dabbling spell, +2 Schools, +1 MD

Cantrip Dabbling
You can't cast spells, at least not yet, but you can cast cantrips. Select two wizard schools, as randomly as possible. You get all of their cantrips. If you end up with cantrips that make absolutely no sense without the rest of the abilities of the school they came from, select another random school instead.

When you gain another Adept template, you acquire two new schools and learn their cantrips in addition to those you already know.

You gain some very limited spellcasting ability. Pick one of the schools you know cantrips from (including the 2 from this template) and roll a d6 on its spell table. You have one Magic Die and can cast that spell like a wizard. When you cast a spell with 1 MD, it's only expended if you roll a 6.

When you gain the D Adept template, you can have two Dabbling spells at a time.

Versatile Dabbling
You learn and forget spells as easily as most people learn and forget little pieces of useless information. Every time you wake from a long rest (or every day at dawn, if you don't sleep), you can choose a new school and re-roll your Dabble spell. You don't have to use this ability if you don't want to.

When you gain the D Adept template, you can choose to reroll one or both of your Dabbling spells when you use this ability.

Safe Dabbling
You grow in magical power, but retain your cautious nature and unwillingness to let the magic you have learned control you. You gain a second Magic Die, and when you cast a spell with two MD you can choose to ignore one die after rolling them, as if you had never invested or rolled that Magic Die.

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  1. I don't know why, but I really want to play one of these. The idea of just having a load of small powers piled together seems really interesting.