Sunday, April 12, 2020

Mountain: Player's Handbook

Holy shit, I'm done. This is the player's handbook/player handout for the game I'm preparing to run.

It's written for the GROG (my GLOGhack) and reproduces some rules from it. It's probably high-powered for most GLOG games but still broadly compatible.

And shit, I guess you need a Character Sheet. Here's that.

 Here's what's in here:
  • 3 (7) PC species: Goblinoid (Bugbear, Hobgoblin, Goblin), Orc ("True", Water, Half), Moth Elf
  • 4 (11) PC classes: Paladin (Bard, Ranger/Barbarian, Monk, Wizard), Witch (Gun, Bug, Friend, Cancer), False Witch (Sword, Bottle), Gutter Knight
    • With players "unlocking" more species and classes from the Bestiary (next on my list) through play
  • 5 spellcasting Dooms (Sun, Fish, Blood, Ashes, Bones)
  • 20-entry spellcasting Chaos/Mishap table
  • 20-entry witch/monster weakness table
  • 20-entry witch-tulpa table (probably fairly easy to adapt for Skerples' Summoner or 3.5e Binders)
  • 20-entry magic sword table
  • 20-entry bottle-ghost table (captured souls)
  • 20-entry patch-favor table (symbolic tokens given to knights that summon or do things)
  • Full arms and armor tables with regional namelists, using my overcomplicated melee weapon type rules
  • 42 classic D&D spells converted to GLOG (albeit probably most or all ones that have already been done by other people)
  • public domain illustrations from old books

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  1. Wow, some of the most flavorful classes I've seen in any OSR game. Superb work!