Wednesday, April 1, 2020

GLOG: Spaceships, Or: GLOGSTAR

OSR discord user deus ex parabola was talking about making a GLOG class to play a fucked up spaceship and I took the idea and ran with it. These are some classes.

Hull damage is HP damage, crew damage is nonlethal; a duty cycle is a day; main guns are two-handed weapons; armored bulkheads are leather, belts are chain, and citadels are plate; comm arrays are the ability to speak; an "su" is a foot; maintaining command over small craft is concentrating on a spell; etc. I'm assuming d20-esque rules for being at 0 HP and below (half speed and actions at 0 HP, unconscious and dying at -1 to -9, dead at -10).

Class: Carrier

This is a wizard school.

Perk: Dedicated Tactical Net
As long as your comm arrays are online, you can maintain command over as many units of small craft as you have fighter bays.

Drawback: Flat Top
You can't mount main guns or armor citadels.

1. Long-Range Sensors
You can examine anything you can see as if it was right in front of you.
2. Damage Control
Once per duty cycle, when you would take hull damage, you can choose to take half as much crew damage instead.
3. Hyperwave Command Relay
Take 1d4 crew damage to communicate a short, one-way message to anything you know the position of. ANYTHING.

Subcapital ships are spells. Fighter bays are spell slots. Deployment dice are magic dice - when they're expended, all your spaceframes are under construction/repair/refit/etc. Your fighters are unique to you - one carrier's interceptor squadron might be an uncountable tide of dog-sized drones, another's might be just a few flights of extremely skilled aces.

When you deploy a unit of small craft with a duration of 'command', attach the deployment die used to deploy it. You don't regain that die until the unit is recalled--if it's killed, the die is automatically expended even if it wasn't when you rolled it.

1. Interceptor Squadron
R: short T: [dice] 10 su cubes D: command
You launch [dice] squadrons of quick, agile interceptors. Defensive, movement etc stats as swarms of insects. Enemies within an interceptor squadron's area take 1 damage every round per area they are inside of. Enemy missiles fired through the area are automatically destroyed unless there's some reason why they wouldn't be. Particularly fast/armored/numerous/etc missiles have a 50% chance.

2. Fighter Squadron
R: medium T: n/a D: command
You launch [dice] flights of versatile, maneuverable heavy fighters. Each flight has 1 HD, 2 HP, \armored bulkheads (as leather), and moves about as fast as a kobold or goblin. They're armed with light melee weapons.

3. Bomber Squadron
R: long T: up to [dice] capital-scale targets D: command
You launch [dice] slow, deadly bombers. Each bomber has 1 HD, 6 HP, armor belts (as chain), and moves at half your speed. Each is armed with a single heavy barrage (range = 30 su, damage = the deployment die assigned to the bomber + 2) which always hits capital-scale enemies.

4. Minefield
R: short T: [dice] 10 su cubes D: n/a (permanent)
You disperse [dice] automated drone minefields. Anything that sees you do this can tell where the minefields are, but you can choose to include a beacon marking the area as containing a minefield or not. Anything entering or starting its turn inside the minefield saves or takes 1d6 damage. Mines can only be cleared with area-of-effect damage or dedicated equipment.

5. Shield Drone
R: short T: plane or sphere D: command
You deploy a small field-projecting drone with an internal power source, which moves like a kobold or goblin. The field is a 10 su square or a sphere enveloping the drone and one adjacent unit and has [sum] hull points. The field and drone share HP and attacks against them automatically hit.

6. Lockdown
R: short T: up to [sum] HD D: until counteracted or one duty cycle
You launch a wave of disposable gremlin drones which overwhelm the targets' systems. Targets must save or have their systems completely shut down (as sleep) until they receive assistance from an adjacent unit (requires an action). Unaware targets don't get a save.

7. Destabilize Volume
R: self T: [dice] * 10 su radius area D: [sum] duty cycles
You launch a cloud of disposable drones that emit micro-gravitic distortions and instabilities throughout the local volume. Anything entering or starting movement within the area must save or stop moving and spin randomly. You are immune to this deployment's effects, but your allies are not.

for spells 8-12 pick another wizard school. you and your GM are responsible for converting their spells into space fighters.

Class: Exploration Cruiser

This is a thief.
A: Mission Package, Surveying Scanners, Emission Capacitor
B: Versatile Holds, Variable Internal Geometry, Stabilized Drive Field
C: Targeting Array
D: Micro-Jump, Flotilla Modifications

A: Mission Package
When you have access to a market, you can spend any amount of credits/requisition to prepare a Mission Package. Whenever you want, you can deploy a possessed Mission Package to acquire any other items, including other Mission Packages, that don't exceed the amount you paid for the original package or your free inventory slots.

A: Surveying Scanners
By spending an action, you can become aware of the bulk contents, composition, and relative value of any adjacent target.

A: Emission Capacitor
You get a +1 bonus per Exploration Cruiser template you possess to any attempts you make to move stealthily or disguise yourself as another vessel. You can make stealth checks even against targets that have you on their long-range scans. This doesn't work within visual range.

B: Versatile Holds
You get 3 additional Fast Inventory slots.

B: Variable Internal Geometry
Once per day per Exploration Cruiser template you possess, you can turn a critical hit against you into a normal hit OR discard any number of inventory slots worth of items to reduce damage taken from a hit by 4 per slot discarded. Items discarded through this ability are destroyed.

B: Stabilized Drive Field
You always count as having any applicable terrain/atmosphere/hazard modifications.

C: Targeting Array
Whenever you have a situational bonus to an attack roll, your attack deals an additional die of damage. Allies attacking a target that you have successfully hit before in this combat get a +2 bonus to their attack.

D: Micro-Jump
Once per duty cycle, you can engage your jump drive for an accurate short distance micro-jump. As an action, you disappear and reappear up to 50 su away, regardless of obstacles. You take 1d6 crew damage per 5 su traveled.

D: Flotilla Modifications
At your option, you can spend one use of your Variable Internal Geometry ability to grant its benefit OR your Stabilized Drive Field benefit to any ally in your flotilla. In the case of Stabilized Drive Field, the benefit applies to one hazard or type of terrain and lasts until the end of the scene.

Class: Warship

This is a fighter.
A: Ironclad, Spinal Weapon
B: Compartmentalized Hull, Battle Stations
C: Shield Projection, Overload
D: Redundant Systems, Two Rounds Rapid

A: Ironclad
Once per duty cycle, you can reduce one instance of incoming damage by 1d12. If you willingly overload your shields (destroying the emitter/generator), it counts as rolling a 12.

A: Spinal Weapon
You have a massive spinal cannon, gauss rifle, or other giant and immensely powerful weapon mounted centrally in your hull. It starts at 0 charges at the beginning of combat, charges at a rate of 1 die per round spent in combat at the end of each of your turns, and can hold a charge of up to 2 dice per Warship template you possess. Firing it takes an attack as normal and deals 1d8 damage per die of charge stored. It takes no range penalties and can be targeted out to the limits of your visual range or sensors.

B: Compartmentalized Hull
You are automatically stabilized and remain able to move and act normally at 0 HP and below. You still die at -10 HP. If crew damage would bring you below -10 HP you are unable to act, but remain stable.

B: Battle Stations
You can choose to call all crew to battle stations at the start of your turn or in response to taking damage. While at battle stations, you can make one additional attack each round and prevent half of all crew damage taken, but cannot take any defensive, curative, or tactical actions. Record all crew damage prevented through use of this ability - when battle stations ends, you take all of it at once. Battle stations lasts until the end of the combat or scene.

C: Shield Projection
Once per round if your shields are online and an adjacent ally is targeted with an attack, you can make an attack roll. If successful, your ally gains the benefit of your Ironclad ability. This doesn't take a usage of the ability, but you can still choose to overload your shields to maximize the damage reduction.

C: Overload
You can expend all currently held Spinal Weapon charge dice as an action or in response to being hit to create damaging arcs of electricity to all targets within 5 su per dice, dealing 1d6 damage per dice expended. Targets can save to take half damage.

D: Redundant Systems
All incoming hull damage is reduced by 1 point.

D: Two Rounds Rapid
You can make one additional attack each round.


  1. Now I'm thinking about using these classes along with this

  2. Dear god. This is a new level of GLOG-ness

  3. I never reply to these posts - I'm replying to this one.

    I can already visualize an "Engineering Vessel" or "Mobile Drydock" to serve in a roughly Cleric-ish position (the ship is well armored due to its sheer mass, but is full of "servo-drones" or "EVA teams" that can be dispatched to do "battlefield repairs", other buff-type effects)...

    then you just reskin various monsters into other ships or Weird Space Phenomena and you're off to the races...