Saturday, April 4, 2020


OSR discord user diregrizzlybear pointed out that 5e had this kind of cool idea, but its attached to a shitty system and about 20 dead levels and, I think, split between two classes, so here it is bolted to the GLOG chassis! This is probably pretty strong for an OSR game but oh well

I felt free to use gamey stuff like per-session powers here because, you know, timefuckery. Constants and variables.


AKA Chronorebel AKA Echoblade

If your game has variable HD and proficiencies, etc, you have them like a Fighter. You start with normal equipment from mismatched eras, and 2d6 wrist- and stop-watches of varying make.

Skill: 1. History 2. Arcana 3. Pedantics

A: Manifest Echo, 1 Echo Ability
B: +1 Echo, +1 Echo Ability
C: +1 Echo, +1 Echo Ability
D: +1 Echo, +1 Echo Ability

Manifest Echo
Once per turn in place of your movement or your action, you can manifest an echo of yourself from an alternate timeline. The echo looks like a faded version of you and appears in your space. It has all your stats, no weight or substance to speak of (though it can still be hit and can't walk through solid objects), immunity to status effects, and moves at your speed with your mental command (no action, but only on your turn). You can have one echo at a time per TIME KNIGHT template. They are destroyed if they take any damage, are more than 30 feet away from you, you lose consciousness, or after 30 minutes.

Echo Abilities
Time is fickle. When you gain a TIME KNIGHT template, roll 1d4, 1d3, or 1d2 on the table depending on how many echo abilities you already have. If you have 3 and gain another one, it's automatically the one you don't have.

1. Convergent Future
Once per session before a die is rolled, you can choose to have it treated as if it rolled a number of your choice. This can't cause "critical effects", the interpretation of which is up to your GM.

 Echo Fade
When an attack hits something sharing the same space as any of your echos, the attacker must make roll Wisdom once for each echo. If they fail, their attack hits the echo instead (which destroys it).

3. Echo Superposition
You can see and hear through your echoes as if you were in their place. When you begin your turn (or once every few seconds, if not tracking time in combat rounds) you can swap places with any of your echoes.

4. Echo Reality
You can force any of your echoes into reality for a brief moment before the timestream erases it as a paradox. This lets it take one action as if it were actually you. This doesn't take an action on your part, but any echo you use this ability on is destroyed immediately after taking the action. If your echo uses something of limited use that you have, it counts as having been used for you and all your other echoes.

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